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About Sisal

  • What is Sisal

    Sisal is a durable fibre from the leaves of the Agave Sisalana plant native to Brazil, Mexico, and East Africa. Most of the sisal we use is superior grade. Each leaf contains about 1,000 fibres that are extracted, washed, sun-dried, brushed, graded, and bailed.

    Sisal is used in many hard-wearing products, including twines for marine and bailing, ropes, plaster reinforcements and dartboards. The same qualities of strength that make the fibre preferred in these products make it ideal for floor covering. Sisal can be dyed and comes in a range of earthy hues.

    Features: Extremely durable and versatile. 

    Green Properties: Natural Fibre Renewable / Biodegradable / Sound Absorbing/  Flame Resistant / Anti-Static / Naturally Insulating

  • Why use Sisal for making rugs?

    Sisal is hard wearing and has a stunning appearance as a floor covering.

    Sisal is a stiff fibre spun into a yarn-like material. It has a natural, creamy white hue and can be dyed any colour — which makes it easy to create a bespoke rug to match your interior design scheme. As one of the strongest natural fibres available, sisal is a great fit for high-traffic areas — like hallways and entryways in your home, commercial office, or hospitality space.

    Features: Extremely durable and versatile. 

    Green Properties: Natural Fibre Renewable / Biodegradable / Sound Absorbing/  Flame Resistant / Anti-Static / Naturally Insulating

  • What is Seagrass?

    Seagrass is made from the Sedge family of plants, which grow in the low-lying areas of the Asia-Pacific region. The perennial grasses are harvested from paddy fields that are flooded with seawater during the growing cycle. When the grass is mature, the fields are drained, and the plants are cut and bundled. Workers twist (or ply) the grass entirely by hand and send it to be woven into carpets.

    Seagrass is woven into sought-after products such as baskets, placemats, bowls, furniture, and flooring. The yarn, which is strong, durable, and non-porous has a naturally smooth texture, subtle sheen and warm hue that makes it a popular choice for use in carpets and rugs.  Due to the naturally stain-resistant shell of the seagrass fibre, it cannot be dyed and is only available in its natural tones.

    Features: Seagrass’ non-porous fibres make it one of our most stain-resistant fibres.

    Green Properties: Naturally Renewable & Stain Resistant / Sustainably Harvested / Strong / Sustainably Harvested / Anti-Static


Shipping and Returns


  • Do you have a showroom or shop that I can visit?

    We don't have a warehouse or showroom, although we do have free samples.

  • Is everything in stock?

    99% of the weaves and borders on our site are in stock and available to order throughout the year.

  • Do you have samples?

    Yes. You can request complimentary samples for up to 4 rugs. After designing your sisal rug and entering your required size you will be given the option to request a sample. Complimentary samples are usually delivered within 5 working days.

  • Intec Stain Treatment

    Our Intec Stain Treatment can be applied to protect and prolong the life of your rug. Intec is a Fluorocarbon resin that shields all of the fibers in your rug from absorbing dirt and stains. As well as helping to prevent most common household stains it also makes cleaning your rug quicker and easier. Intec is certified as environmentally friendly, does not affect your rug texture or colour and poses no health hazards.

    Developed for commercial use in hotels and airlines, this innovative resinous co-polymer formula, offers comprehensive stain protection. Intec forms an invisible shield around every fibre, keeping your carpets looking good and making them easier to clean and care for. It is extremely durable and gives lasting protection even in the most demanding conditions. Its soil release formula repels dirt, even oil based spills. Anti-static agents prevent attraction of dry soils to carpets ensuring quick and effective everyday cleaning. Intec’s deep down protection ensures that when the stains disappear so do the smells. It dries in minutes and gives immediate protection with minimal disruption. It does not alter the fabric’s colour, texture or flame retardancy, so even the most delicate yarns can be protected. Designed to be environmentally friendly, Intec is water based and does not contain harmful solvents. Intec also reduces abrasion and significantly increases the usable life of your carpets. Unlike other household products on the market Intec requires only one application no matter how often you clean your carpets and fabrics.

  • What will the height of my rug be when finished?

    You can see the depth of each weave in either the Free Samples page or the Rug Designer page. Adding a cotton border will add around 4mm to the overall height of the rug when added to the weave thickness. Please get in touch for specifics if door clearance is important.


  • How do I buy a rug on your website?

    You design your bespoke rug using the Rug Designer tool. Select your Inner weave, Border and Size. add to cart and Check out using Stripe our secure payment gateway for card payments.